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that there’s a picture of a rare candy. out my other Pokemon videos for more. to the picture to the left to see what. emerald so without further ado let’s go. year you’re actually buying which is. amount of rare candies but if you. candy and then all we’re doing is going. be sure to LIKE and subscribe and check. then look at the bottom you’ll notice. codes work it’s regardless of what it. so that you can truly buy an unlimited. need to have the rare candy coat on as. shows you selecting you need to look off. amount of rare candies in pokemon. up talking to the person and you know. you want and I have some other videos of. that the master switch needs to be on. super cool of a Pokemon to do that. that’s like a master code and then you. what we’re going to do now is go over to. welcome to another pokemon emerald. be showing you how to get an unlimited. the cheat codes so you can see what I’m. we’re doing this you just need to know. right now master sent and then rare. this description is notice that pokeball. how to get unlimited money for instance. ahead and get into the tutorial so when. description below I am using my voice so. what is up everybody this is famous and. candy so what I wanted to show you in. instead so this is kind of how these. talking about we’ve got we’re turning. so just go up there buy it as many as. off the master alone we don’t need that. is selected right and it says 4,800 but. enjoyed this video and found it helpful. well and I have all of the codes in the. now we’re going to buy the the rare. tutorial in today’s episode I’m going to 9f3baecc53

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